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Sunday, February 7, 2021

23 Important Days In The Calendar Year 2021

23 Important Days In The Calendar Year 2021

 The Following Are 23 Important Days In The Calendar Year 2021 AD:

 Friday January 1, 2021 as the First Day of 2021 AD Friday January 15, 2021 as the Birthday of Jamiyyatul Qurra Wal Huffadz Nahdlatul Ulama Friday February 12, 2021 as Chinese New Year 2572, Wednesday February 24, 2021 as the Birth Day of the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association Tuesday, March 02, 2021 as  Harlah Nahdlatul Ulama Women's Student Association Thursday March 11, 2021 as Isra Mi'raj Day of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1442 Hijriyah Ahad March 14, 2021 as Nyepi Day, Saka New Year 1943 Ahad March 28, 2021 Harlah Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama Wednesday March 31, 2021 Harlah Nahdlatul Ulama Teachers Association.  at 2 April 2021 as the Day of Jesus Almasih According to Christian Religion Saturday 1 May 2021 as International Labor Day Thursday 13 May & Friday 14 May 2021 as Idul Fithri 1442 Hijriyah Wednesday 26 May 2021 as Vesak Day according to Buddhism Tuesday 1 June 2021 as a Birthday  Pancasila Tuesday 20 July 2021 as Idul Adha 1442 Hijriyah Tuesday 10 August 2021 as Islamic New Year  1443 Hijriyah Tuesday 17 August 2021 as the 76th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence Ahad 10 October 2021 as the Birthday of Jamiyah Ahlith Thariqah al-Mu'tabaroh an-Nahdliyah Tuesday 19 October 2021 as the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW Friday 22 October 2021 National Santri Day Monday 01  November 2021 as the Birth Day of Lajnah Falakiyah PBNU, Friday 19 November 2021 as the Birth Day of the Scholars Association of November 25, 2021, Christmas Day

Friday, January 15, 2021

How to Solve Problems on the New Blogger Dashboard Mobile Version?

How to Solve Problems on the New Blogger Dashboard Mobile Version? After the blogger.com dashboard was updated, and the mobile version dashboard was applied as the default since September 2020, many users complained about problems with the new version of the dashboard.

Generally, what many users complain about is the features in the post editor, because this facility is often used.

Below are some of the problems I found on the new blogger dashboard mobile version:

Images cannot be inserted with a caption or description.  

This is a problem for some blogger users who often need an explanation below the image.  This is also a problem for some users of certain templates, where images without a description are stretched sideways.  How to Solve it?

  • You can Add image captions directly to the image before uploading. or..
  • Create a caption in html mode.  or..
  • Use a picture with a vertical shape. 
Images often move paragraphs.  

Well, this happens a lot.  The image suddenly moved.  How to Solve : 

  • Click undo!  or..
  • Move it again manually. 
Feature buttons often get error

Especially on font features.  Often clickable.  How to Solve it? : Just undo

Articles are often self-published.

Well, this is the most you have to be careful with .. Because articles that are still not ready can be published.  Even if what is published is an article that does not have an image, even if it is rewritten, the thumbnail does not appear in the related post.  But this is some users who use certain templates.  How to Solve it?  : Just be careful ...


But it has a lot more advantages, especially in the theme editor.  To edit the theme., we don't need to use our laptop often.  So, adapt ... Because of course everything has been adjusted to the latest Google algorithm.

Monday, January 4, 2021

How to Replace Blog URL on Blogger

How to Replace Blog URL on Blogger.com?  There are 4 ways to replace. You can replace :

  1. oldsubdomain.blogspot.com by newsubdomain.blogspot.com
  2. subdomain.blogspot.com by domain.com
  3. domain.com by subdomain.blogspot.com
  4. olddomain.com by newdomain.com

4 This replace method I will explain one by one. Read through!

1). How to replace oldsubdomain.blogspot.com by newsubdomain.blogspot.com?
Steps for doing this are :
  • click your blog address
  • replace text oldsubdomain.blogspot.com by text newsubdomain.blogspot.com
  • click save
2). How to replace subdomain.blogspot.com by domain.com?
This method is known as "Custom Domain" and the result is known as "Custom Domain".  To do this, you must have a domain, this can be done by buying from a domain registrar (usually web hosting), you can also ask not to buy, if the owner of the registrar or web hosting is your grandfather.  Ha ha.

The steps to replicate it are not as simple as the first method, because you also need to make adjustments in domain management.

As for what must be adjusted in domain management are: Name Server, 4 A Records and 2 CName.  These adjustment steps are parallel.  So you have to access and stay on 2 dashboards, namely: blogger dashboard and domain management registrar dashboard (or web hosting)

There are 3 completion stages:
  1. Stage of getting 2 Cname packages on the blogger.com dashboard
  2. Stage of adjusting the name server and entering 4 A Records and 2 CName packages in Domain Management
  3. Stage of domain costume execution and propagation on the blogger.com dashboard


Stage of getting 2 Cname packages on the blogger.com dasboard

  • Enter blogger settings >> Custom domain Enter the domain you've purchased, for example: websitoes.com.  
  • When this method is done, the blogger will provide 2 unique code packages called CName
  • Copy CName to be pasted at the next stage in Domain Management.

Stage of adjusting the Name Server, Entering 4 A Records and 2 CName packages in Domain Management.

  • Go to domain management at web hosting >> select domain >> Name Server. 
  • Usually, the Name Server doesn't need to be changed for custom processing to blogger.  So just leave it, and click save in the default conditions! 
  • Enter 4 records one by one, which is a set of numbers as shown in the picture 
  • Enter 2 Cname.  For the position regarding which column it is entered in, you can see an example of the image earlier so that it is not wrong. 
  • Click save

Now if at this stage there is an error, you will not be able to connect the domain to blogger.  So, make sure that everything is correct!

Stage of domain custome execution & propagation in blogger.com

  • Make sure the previous steps in domain management are correct. 
  • Enter the domain name again as before being awarded CName. Now you shouldn't be rewarded with a cname anymore, because it has been shot from domain management. 
  • Wait for the propagation process, usually 1 hour. Do not update anything during the process  propagation. 
  • After 1 hour, refresh your blogger.com dashboard page to update all the links that are embedded in all text on your blogger.com dashboard. 
  • If the page has been refreshed, turn on the HTTPS so that your blog address is secure.  
  • Wait 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes have passed, try to access your web address.  
  • Success ...

3). How to replace domain.com by subdomain.blogspot.com?
This step is easier than the other three, because all you have to do is:
  • Delete domain.com
  • click save Refresh page.  If you click on view blog before refreshing, chances are that your blog cannot be displayed because the link that is inserted in the view blog is still https://domain.com has not changed to https://subdomain.blogspot.com, while the address is https:// domain.com has been uninstalled.  so this address is no longer blogging so it cannot be accessed.  So don't forget to refresh before looking at the blog.
4). How to replace olddomain.com by newdomain.com?
This method combines pattern number 3 change and continues with pattern number 2 change.But before proceeding to pattern number 2 it is important to change the old domain name server shot not to target bloggers.

I mean this so that the pointing of the new domain becomes more dynamic, where the blogger server that is shot is truly single.

That' my explain about How to Replace Blog URL on Blogger.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

How to Fix Problem of Difference Permalink Structure Before Step to Migrating From Blogger to Wordpress

How to Fix the Problem of Difference Permalink Structure Before Step to Migrating From Blogger to Wordpress? looking for answer this problem is the first strategy that you should think about before stepping on the stage of migration, so that all the URLs you have created on blogger don't become 404 error links.

To fix this case, the customizable object is not the blogger permalink, but wordpress. Because the blogger permalink cannot be changed, while in wordpress there are many options to choose from and can even be customized as the owner likes.

Well, choose or customize the structure to match the structure when your domain is still blogging on blogger ...

Adjusting the wordpress permalink structure with blogger is also important on new blogs that are starting to be built on wordpress, but there are plans that one day it will be moved to blogger.  So the structural equation between the two is very good if done early.

How is the blogger permalink? For example, Look at the permalink screenshots of this article on blogger!


From the example image above you can see that the blogger permalink structure is https://www.domain.com/year/mounth/post-name-or-your-custom-post-title.

So the conclusion: there are 2 components of the blog permalink that must be equalized, namely: the use of www in the main URL, and displaying the year / month / post-name in the structure.

1). The main URL must be www

Generally the URL of the web / blog hosted on blogger is www.  Generally the URL of a web / blog hosted on wordpress is without www.  So, make it www!

This step can be done directly via the general settings menu (settings >> general) not necessarily from CPanel.

  • Change from the previous https://yourdomain.com to https://www.yourdomain.com
  • then click save.
  • After saving mode, you will be asked to log in to wordpress again by entering your email address or wordpress username and password.  of course, because the address has now changed.
  • Done.

2). Permalink must display year/month/post-name

To choose or customize the month structure and name, you can do it through the permalink settings (settings >> permalinks) on the wordpress admin dashboard.

To do this you need to : 

  • Choose one of the options or customize it directly so that later the wordpress permalink structure will be customized to be the same as blogger.  see an example image below on websitoes.com (one of my webs hosted on wordpress.org)

  • then click save!
  • Done.

Both of these methods must be done before you import the back-up blog data, so that it is not 404. but it is better if you have previously changed from http to https so that structural changes occur when the blog is secure.

if you have questions about this, you can ask me at comment.... thank you!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Erorr When Customizing Blogger by Domain, and How to Fix

What Errors Can Occur When Customizing Blogger by Domain? What caused it? and How to fix it?

The essence of the progress of customizing a blogger domain is the process of connecting it from DNS Management to the admin dashboard in blogger. When that is done, there will be some error problems. However, there are errors that are normal in this process, and some are not and require repair.
What Errors Can Occur-When-Customizing-Blogger-by-Domain
The following are some types of errors that can occur when customizing a blogger domain along with the causes and how to fix them:
1). Domain error cannot connect when first connected to blogger.com. 
This first type of error is very normal, because the domain has not been directed to blogger server. How to fix it? 
  • direct the domain name server (if your domain is new, this method is actually not necessary because by default it usually points in the right direction, namely the web hosting)
  • adds 4 A Records (,,,
  • add the CNAME that blogger gives when this error occurs on the blogger dashboard (www with ghs google.com and two unique codes)
2). Error domain still can't connect after you point to the name server, adding 2 CNAME and 4 A records. 
This error must not occur and must be resolved immediately. The reason may be because you 
  • made a mistake when determining the direction of the name server (this is very likely to happen if your domain has been used before to blog on WordPress on a different web hosting package, then you have not returned the nameserver to the default condition, namely the web hosting server where DNS Management located)
  • Wrong to match when you added 2 CNAME (note, don't get confused)
  • Wrong when you type numbers of A Record (note 32 34 36 38 on the four A Records)
3). The errorr blog cannot be accessed immediately after the domain has been customized. 
This is because you have not refreshed the page, so the link that is inserted in the view blog posts is a link that leads to a site with an old URL. It is enough to be overcome by refreshing the dashboard page and clicking view the blog once again.

Those are the errors that usually occur when customizing blogger by domain. 
If all the ways to fix the error problem that I have described don't work, there is another problem with your domain. Contact web hosting customer service and explain that there is a serious problem with the domain you have purchased.
This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.