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Sunday, January 3, 2021

How to Fix Problem of Difference Permalink Structure Before Step to Migrating From Blogger to Wordpress

How to Fix the Problem of Difference Permalink Structure Before Step to Migrating From Blogger to Wordpress? looking for answer this problem is the first strategy that you should think about before stepping on the stage of migration, so that all the URLs you have created on blogger don't become 404 error links.

To fix this case, the customizable object is not the blogger permalink, but wordpress. Because the blogger permalink cannot be changed, while in wordpress there are many options to choose from and can even be customized as the owner likes.

Well, choose or customize the structure to match the structure when your domain is still blogging on blogger ...

Adjusting the wordpress permalink structure with blogger is also important on new blogs that are starting to be built on wordpress, but there are plans that one day it will be moved to blogger.  So the structural equation between the two is very good if done early.

How is the blogger permalink? For example, Look at the permalink screenshots of this article on blogger!


From the example image above you can see that the blogger permalink structure is

So the conclusion: there are 2 components of the blog permalink that must be equalized, namely: the use of www in the main URL, and displaying the year / month / post-name in the structure.

1). The main URL must be www

Generally the URL of the web / blog hosted on blogger is www.  Generally the URL of a web / blog hosted on wordpress is without www.  So, make it www!

This step can be done directly via the general settings menu (settings >> general) not necessarily from CPanel.

  • Change from the previous to
  • then click save.
  • After saving mode, you will be asked to log in to wordpress again by entering your email address or wordpress username and password.  of course, because the address has now changed.
  • Done.

2). Permalink must display year/month/post-name

To choose or customize the month structure and name, you can do it through the permalink settings (settings >> permalinks) on the wordpress admin dashboard.

To do this you need to : 

  • Choose one of the options or customize it directly so that later the wordpress permalink structure will be customized to be the same as blogger.  see an example image below on (one of my webs hosted on

  • then click save!
  • Done.

Both of these methods must be done before you import the back-up blog data, so that it is not 404. but it is better if you have previously changed from http to https so that structural changes occur when the blog is secure.

if you have questions about this, you can ask me at comment.... thank you!

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