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Saturday, January 2, 2021

4 Causes of Erorr 404 and How to Fix

4 Causes of Erorr 404 and How to Fix - Error 404 on web-blog is one problem that is avoided by all webmasters.  Because it can result in a very bad image of the web-blog that is owned. Example : 404 erorr page on this blog websitoes designed by naminakiky and arlinadesign the legend of indonesian bloggers 


The first step to prevent and overcome the 404 error problem is to detect what is the cause, because there are 4 causes of 404 error, namely:

Cause 1 - Pages, articles or other content (image, video, audio) has been deleted.  Every time you delete anything on the web you also wish to remove the link from the web.  But the reality is not so, because it takes time for these links to disappear completely from circulation on the internet, especially from search engines.  Even though we have submitted a request for removal from circulation directly through the deletion menu in the google search console.  How to Fix the Cause 1? The fix is ​​by redirect links to pages / articles / other relevant content before deleting them.

Cause 2 - Pages, articles and other content (images, videos, audio, etc.) are not deleted.  But you have updated the alt link text.  example case: Previously, the content URL was https://websitoes.blogspot.com/2021/01/how-to-fix-erorr-404-after-migration-from-blogger-to-wordpress.  But you have updated the alt by https://websitoes.blogspot.com/2021/01/how-to-fix-erorr-404-after-migration-from-blogger-to-wordpress. Link updates can also occur even if you only change the publication date.  Example case : Previously, the content URL was https://websitoes.blogspot.com/2021/01/how-to-fix-erorr-404-after-migration-from-blogger-to-wordpress. But you have updated again by https://websitoes.blogspot.com/2021/01/how-to-fix-erorr-404-after-migration-from-blogger-to-wordpress. How to Fix the Cause 2? fix this ​​problem by redirect the old link to the new link!

Cause 3 - There is no change in the unit of each page, article, or other content (images, video, audio, etc.).  But you have changed the main URL or domain from being www (like websites url hosted on blogger.com) to being without www (like most website url hosted on wordpress.org).  Example case : The previously URL of your domain is https://www.websitoes.net, then changed to https://websitoes.net or vice versa.  This change often occurs on migrated web / blogs.  For example: you move the blog domain with www from blogger.com to wordpress.org by removing the www, or you move the blog domain without www from wordpress.org to blogger.com which has www.  How to Fix the Cause 3? the fix is ​​to make it consistent using www.

Cause 4 - There is no change in the alt link text, there is no change in the publication schedule, there is no change in the domain URL from www to without www.  But there are changes to the permalink structure.  Example case : Previously my website was at blogger.com, meaning the permalink was https://www.websitoes.com/2021/01/text-alt-post-title, and then migrated to wordpress.org which offered several permalink structure options, then I didn't  choosing a custom structure is the same as on blogger.com, it will result in 404 error problems for pages, articles and other content that have been published on blogger.com and backed up and then imported on wordpress.org.  How to Fix the Cause 3? The way to solve this problem is to always consistently use the permalink structure wherever the web domain is hosted. 

Those are the 4 causes of 404 errors and 4 ways to fix them. Thank for visiting this blog!

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