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Monday, January 4, 2021

How to Replace Blog URL on Blogger

How to Replace Blog URL on  There are 4 ways to replace. You can replace :

  1. by
  2. by
  3. by
  4. by

4 This replace method I will explain one by one. Read through!

1). How to replace by
Steps for doing this are :
  • click your blog address
  • replace text by text
  • click save
2). How to replace by
This method is known as "Custom Domain" and the result is known as "Custom Domain".  To do this, you must have a domain, this can be done by buying from a domain registrar (usually web hosting), you can also ask not to buy, if the owner of the registrar or web hosting is your grandfather.  Ha ha.

The steps to replicate it are not as simple as the first method, because you also need to make adjustments in domain management.

As for what must be adjusted in domain management are: Name Server, 4 A Records and 2 CName.  These adjustment steps are parallel.  So you have to access and stay on 2 dashboards, namely: blogger dashboard and domain management registrar dashboard (or web hosting)

There are 3 completion stages:
  1. Stage of getting 2 Cname packages on the dashboard
  2. Stage of adjusting the name server and entering 4 A Records and 2 CName packages in Domain Management
  3. Stage of domain costume execution and propagation on the dashboard


Stage of getting 2 Cname packages on the dasboard

  • Enter blogger settings >> Custom domain Enter the domain you've purchased, for example:  
  • When this method is done, the blogger will provide 2 unique code packages called CName
  • Copy CName to be pasted at the next stage in Domain Management.

Stage of adjusting the Name Server, Entering 4 A Records and 2 CName packages in Domain Management.

  • Go to domain management at web hosting >> select domain >> Name Server. 
  • Usually, the Name Server doesn't need to be changed for custom processing to blogger.  So just leave it, and click save in the default conditions! 
  • Enter 4 records one by one, which is a set of numbers as shown in the picture 
  • Enter 2 Cname.  For the position regarding which column it is entered in, you can see an example of the image earlier so that it is not wrong. 
  • Click save

Now if at this stage there is an error, you will not be able to connect the domain to blogger.  So, make sure that everything is correct!

Stage of domain custome execution & propagation in

  • Make sure the previous steps in domain management are correct. 
  • Enter the domain name again as before being awarded CName. Now you shouldn't be rewarded with a cname anymore, because it has been shot from domain management. 
  • Wait for the propagation process, usually 1 hour. Do not update anything during the process  propagation. 
  • After 1 hour, refresh your dashboard page to update all the links that are embedded in all text on your dashboard. 
  • If the page has been refreshed, turn on the HTTPS so that your blog address is secure.  
  • Wait 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes have passed, try to access your web address.  
  • Success ...

3). How to replace by
This step is easier than the other three, because all you have to do is:
  • Delete
  • click save Refresh page.  If you click on view blog before refreshing, chances are that your blog cannot be displayed because the link that is inserted in the view blog is still has not changed to, while the address is https:// has been uninstalled.  so this address is no longer blogging so it cannot be accessed.  So don't forget to refresh before looking at the blog.
4). How to replace by
This method combines pattern number 3 change and continues with pattern number 2 change.But before proceeding to pattern number 2 it is important to change the old domain name server shot not to target bloggers.

I mean this so that the pointing of the new domain becomes more dynamic, where the blogger server that is shot is truly single.

That' my explain about How to Replace Blog URL on Blogger.

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